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Arnit is used in particular as a reinforcement or stabilizer in various

industrial productions.

- Manufacturing of reinforced multilayer products made

of paper in various combinations 

(safety envelopes, safety protective labels, packing paper,

industrial bags, shopping bags, adhesive paper bands,

reinforced kinds of paper used for various purposes)

- Manufacturing of foils

(multilayer linder or calendered foils made of PVC,

polyethylene, aluminium, bitumen and other materials,

plastic greenhouses, reinforced foils,ventilating ducts,

roof insulations)

- Manufacturing of varous felts and fleeces

(tissue, PES fleeces and felts, needle-shaped floor coverings, glass voile, geotextiles, glass and PES filters, hygienic fleeces)

- Plastic processing

(PVC floor coverings, soft and hard insulating foams and sealants, automobile polyurethane seats, plastic chairs, sprayed and extruded plastic materials for various purposes)

- Construction industry

(gypsum insulating boards, ceramic mosaic tiles with a fixed distance, mosaic parquet boards, other reinforced thermal and hydro-insulating surface materials)

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