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The necessity of an optimum production of the technical flat manufactures has required the utilization of reinforcement materials. On account of a reinforced material, the utilization of the basic material is reduced and therefore the product is reinforced and stabile in relation to its dimensions. 


All this has been made possible through the concept of  utilization of the unwoven scrims textile material called Arnit  in the very broad spheres of the industrial production.

The Arnit laid scrims are a textile flat creation where the threads are bound at intersections by the binding material. For this reason, the laid scrims are thin and, in relation to the flat side, stabile and firm. 

The special advantages of the Arnit laid scrims are:​

- a great possibility for choosing textile material and possibility of various thread settings,

- various kinds of binding material,

- securing of the neccesary or required chemical-physical characteristic features

On account of its mentioned properties, the Arnit laid scrims can be simply adapted to the requirements of processing and  building-in.

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